Prices include towbar, towball, electrics, fitting instructions.


We only sell 100% genuine Witter towbars at the cheapest prices. Unlike other websites, ALL of our tow bars, parts and electrical kits come directly from Witter with a full manufacturers warranty.

In order to make sure that you are getting strength and reliability from your towbar, we only sell Witter towbars. Witter are probably the most reputable towbar manufacturer in the UK and such is the confidence that they have in the products they manufacture that they have permitted us to offer a 100% money back guarantee to our customers. Any towbar you buy from us is made from a strong type of steel plate that is intended to be able to take heavy loads, consistently, for long periods of time.

As a bulk retailer of Witter products we can enable you to save up to 50% off prices listed elsewhere for exactly the same items. We price match our competitors to ensure that we are offering the cheapest prices for Witter products so that you can be sure you are getting the best value for money on this website, better than both online and offline competitors.

A wide variety of UK road users might need to consider purchasing tow bars. The largest group of these, without a doubt is caravan owners of which there are millions who take to the roads every year. If you tow a carvan by car then a towbar is an essential piece of equipment and finding one that is of a good enough quality that you can rely on it to transport this expensive vehicle is something that every caravan owner will have to go through at one point or another.

Our towbars are all in line with both UK and European Union laws and regulations regarding car towing devices. These laws were designed to ensure that the public are kept safe and that manufacturers cannot sell something with the intention of its being used to tow a vehicle unless it matches up to certain safety standards. Purchasing a towbar from us guarantees that it meets these standards and that it will be safe for towing your caravan, horsebox or trailer with.

We also sell a variety of towbar types so that vehicle owners can choose according to their preferences. For instance, many road users will prefer the swan neck towbar for its less bulky appearance and the fact that it can be used alongside caravan stabilisers. Others will prefer the economy and adjustability of a flange type towbar as well as the fact that it can be used alongside a cycle carrier.

There are many different reasons to choose between the different towbar types and these will largely depend on your own individual needs as a driver. For this reason, we attempt to offer as many options as possible for each different model and manufacturer of car. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer every variety for every type of vehicle for a number of reasons. To check which options we offer for your car just find your car's make and model and browse the list provided.

For many models there are also detachable towbars available. Both swan neck and flange varieties of towbar occasionally come in detachable versions. The main benefit of these is for the appearance of your car. When not in use the towbar detaches from the body of your vehicle so that you can store it in the boot or elsewhere and by external appearances your car might as well never have had a towbar installed. When you need to use it again you just screw it back on to the part that remains attached to the car's bodywork.

The main downsides to purchasing a detachable towbar are firstly that they are always more expensive than the fixed variety and secondly that they are not available for every model of car. As such, many people prefer the fixed type in order to save money. The only benefit to the detachable variety is appearance and affects none of the functionality of your towbar so you can be sure that it will work equally well either way.

Many people are also concerned about towbar wiring. When you have a trailer that has electric lights, or a caravan that requires internal power while you are driving, this will need to be wired through the towbar according to specific instructions. Thankfully, all the towbar electrical kits we sell are high quality kits manufactured by Witter and come with full instructions for wiring your towbar up correctly and securely. This means that even someone who has no experience of writing a towbar can be confident in setting it up when they order one of our electrical kits. Towbar wiring can be quite tricky to get right but with proper instructions it should not be out of reach for anyone.

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