Towbar Fitting

For some people when they purchase a car towbar they assume that they will also need to contact a towbar fitter to help them to attach it to their car's chassis. There are many towbar fitters located around the UK and if you can find one then they may save you a lot of trouble in fitting the towbar yourself. However, if you can't find one near you or if you do not make the expense it is certainly possible for someone who is inexperienced to do the job themselves.

Detailed Instructions

All the towbars we sell come with full instructions described in detail to help those who have not fitted a towbar before to do so as easily and quickly as possible. The towball and towbar wiring as well as other balls and pins necessary are included so that you can do all of the work yourself. You may need to find your own tools, however, especially if you are going to remove the rear bumper in order to gain easier access. If you do not have any of the necessary tools then you are more likely to need the services of a fitter.

The time it takes to do a towbar fitting will vary depending on a wide variety of different factors. For instance, sometimes the make and model of car can make it easier or more difficult to fit a towbar as the shape can be quite tricky. Also, the size of the vehicle can affect how often you have to spend on the job. If you are fitting towbar electrics then the additional time required to do so will need to be factored in before you start the job. Towbar wiring can be quite complicated for those who have never done it before and so you may need to take your time, looking over the requisite diagrams in order to make sure you're doing it right.

Towbar Wiring

When it comes to a towbar's wiring it is important that you select the right type of wiring for your trailer or caravan and that you follow the wiring diagram supplied carefully. These will show you where to put each wire, including one each for brake lights, right reverse light, left reverse light, fog lights, indicators and an earth wire on most occasions. This is generally not difficult to get right, however, if you follow the instructions provided and is not something that is worth worrying about.

It is also worth pointing out that all of our towbars are made by Witter from structural steel plate so that providing they are fitted correctly you can be sure that they will be reliable. This applies to all towbar types sold on this website meaning that you can choose between them on their individual merits rather than worrying whether one comes from a better manufacturer. The two main types of towbar for sale here are the swan neck and the flange and each has its own different advantages. The flange, for instance, can be used alongside a cycle rack whereas the swan neck cannot and the swan neck can be more easily used alongside bumper protectors.

Flange or Swan Neck?

It's impossible to say which of the two types is the better although the more popular within the UK by far is probably the flange because it is cheaper and considered to be sturdier by many. Those who use stabilisers made by the company Alko for their caravan will need to purchase the swan neck kind, however, and these are generally more popular in Continental Europe anyway.

This is without mentioning detachable towbars, however, which extend the number of choices you could make even further. When you come to purchase a towbar, after choosing between swan neck and flange varieties, you will for some models also be offered a choice between detachable and non detachable versions. The main benefit to purchasing a detachable version is, of course, the fact that you do not have to have it on your car all of the time. Many people prefer the appearance of their car without a towbar on it and buying a detachable version makes it easy to achieve this appearance when you are not towing anything.

If your car uses reversing sensors, as well, then your options are generally between a variety of swan neck towbar or a detachable flange type towbar. Anything else will often trigger those sensors needlessly. Those are the main reasons for purchasing a detachable towbar although the evident downside is that more often than not they cost more than the non detachable versions.

Find Your Towbar
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